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Oriental Platinum Super Clinic Whitening

  1. Dull skin, postoperative temporary skin dullness after laser or pulsed light treatment.
  2. Irregular lifestyle, often stay up late and work under pressure.
  3. Social drinker or with unhealthy liver.

  1. Systemic skin whitening
  2. Relive postoperative temporary skin dullness
  3. Fade pigmentation
  4. Fade pockmarks
  5. Improve skin allergy
  6. Promote cell regeneration, protect skin and mucous membranes, improve metabolism of proteins, fats and carbohydrates
  7. Treat pigmentation caused by hormonal factors such as liver spots and melanosis
  8. Multiple treatments for better results as suggested by doctor


Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)
Inhibit abnormal skin pigmentation, with effective function of active whitening; regenerate Vitamin E to defense ultraviolet UVA, UVB, etc. to avoid oxyradical damage.

Kancal (Multivitamin)
Replenish trace elements and improve organ function, help to get delicate and glowing skin, suitable for those who long term eating out and have uneven nutrition.

Tranexamic Acid
Remove blood fats and cholesterol, treat thrombosis and menorrhagia; rmove blood clots after surgery, absorb through vessel wall and inhibit activity of melanin, achive the effects of skin whitening, spot removing and skin rejuvenation.

Lucinson (Lipoic Acid)
Lipoic acid is a coenzyme. It is a powerful antioxidant which can maintain the integrity of skin collagen, making skin firm and delicate. It increases absorption and utilization of Vitamin C, prevent cataracts through chelation of toxic metals in eyes and remove meat toxins in liver.

Hycomin (Vitamin B12)
With Hycomin, body can absorb Vitamin B12 directly without series of conversion such as Transcobalamin I, II, III, etc., repair damaged cell and wound by expediting nutrient delivery system and blood circulation.

Glutathione (GSH)
Eliminate all harmful Free Radicals from body. At the same time, it helps in liver detoxification, immunity boosting, inhibit HIV virus, prevention of apoptosis, amino acids transport, stabilize activity of Vitamin C and E, and increase the effectiveness of anticancer drugs.

Clinic Snow Mask
Maintain long-term face whitening, use of exclusive recombination technology, mask with effect of whitening injection.


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