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Glutax CRP 10000 EGF Cytokines Complexion

Glutax CRP 10,000 is a Cell Rejuvenation plus Skin whitening ALL IN 1 system. CRP 1000 includes a balanced mixture of fundamental factors in blood that help recover the normal physiology of the skin with whitening and firming all together in 1 shot.

Biological effects of Glutax CRP 10,000 :
-Vitamins provide an anti-deficiency function
-Amino acids a better protein construction
-Minerals guarantee the ionic balance
-Co-enzymes activate the biochemical reactions
-Nucleic acids stimulate synthesis
-Cytokines (EGF, bFGF) stimulate cell functions in aged skin
-Copper Peptid increases biosynthesis of collagen and elastin
-Reducing Agent Gluthatione : Super anti-oxidant created from liver

Ingredients :
~ Alanine (ALA)             750mcg
~ Arginine (ARG)           500mcg
~ Asparagine (ASN)       200 I.U
~ Aspartic Acid              250mg
~ Cysteine (CYS)           900mg
~ Glutamine                  800mg
~ Glutamic Acid             500mcg
~ Glycine (GLY)             250mcg
~ Histidine                    100mg
~ Isoleucine                    50mg
~ Lysine (LYS)               2.5mcg
~ Proline (PRO)             2.5mcg
~ Serine (SER)             750mcg
~ Threonine (THR)         500mg
~ Valine (VAL)               500mg

6 Ampoules of 2ml
~ Vitamina A                  20mcg
~ Vitamina E                 0.65mg
~ Vitamina C               1,000mg
~ Vitamina D                600 I.U
~ Vitamina B Complex    200mg
~ Vitamina K-K1 , K2      500mg

6 Vials
~ Minerals:  Mg, Ca, Na, K                                  1,000mg
~ Co-enzymes:  CoA, CocarboxylasE Q-10             850mcg
~ Nucleic Acids:  DNA, RNA                                  0.35mcg
~ Cytokines:  EGF, bFGF, NGF, IGF, HGF, FGF        1,250mg
~ Peptide:  Copper Peptide                                 5000mg
~ Glutathione                                                  90,000mg

- CRP 10,000 restores the natural skin repair mechanism
- CRP 10,000 induces the proliferation and reconstitutes the optimum functional capability of - prematurely senescent
- CRP 10,000 facilitates the reconstruction of the cutaneous architecture through an active action on collagen fibres.

6 ampoules x  5ml
6 ampoules x  2ml
6 Vials

6 Ampoules of 5ml:

Not Suitable For :
- Breast feeder.
- Allergy to vitamin (any kind).
- Pregnant woman
- Patient with cardiovascular problem

Recommended Dosage : 
Intravenous IV Infusion (Drip). Once a week.



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