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Glutax DNA X : Skin Whitening System

New Glutax DNA..The Upgraded Version Glutax DNA X !!
This is an upgraded version of Glutax DNA thats provide more benefit with the ingredients that have more powerfull inside like DNA Gluthathione Extract with 9000g , Lacido Ascorbico with 5000mg , Collagen Extract with 5000mg that can let your skin and your body to absorb more and effectively faster to get the best result. May Glutax DNA X to give you a firm , flawless , smooth and whiter skin of all.

Ingredients :
* DNA Glutathione Extract   9000g
* ALA Acido Alfa Lipoico   1350mg
* Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF)   2500mg
* Lacido Ascorbico   5000mg
* Collagen Extract   5000mg
* Selenio  0.35mg
* Vitamina E  750mg
* Pro-Vitamina B3  750mg
* Pro-Vitamina B5  750mg

Benefits of Glutax DNA X : 
~  Anti Oxidants , Anti Aging and skin whitening
~  To remove Dark Spot
~  Acne Prevention
~  Wrinkle and fine lines prevention
~  Help boost immune system
~  Removal of dark skin tone complexion , dark marks , scars and other skin blemishes
~  Protect Againts UV Radiation from sun lights
~  Skin Firming and Glowing
~  Helps getting rids of dark lips , armpits , elbows , and knees

Packaging :
 - 5 Ampoules  x  5ml
 - 5 Ampoules  x  2ml
 - 5 Vials

Injection Method:
This product is administered by intravenously (IV) or intramuscular (IM)

Not Suitable For:
- Breast feeder.
- Injection on women period.
- Allergy to vitamin (any kind).
- Pregnant woman
- Patient with cardiovascular problem



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